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Ghost Stories

Thursday, October 13th, 2011


With Halloween approaching, I have been reading some ghost stories by Mary Downing Hahn.  I had previously read All the Lovely Bad Ones, which won the 2010 Rebecca Caudill Award.  I just finished The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall and The Old Willis Place.  So far I think All the Lovely Bad Ones  was the spookiest.  Up next…Wait Till Helen Comes: A Ghost Story!

For other ghost stories in our collection, check out the catalog here.

What is your favorite ghost story?

Some Recent Favorites

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

I finally got a chance to read some great books that have come out in the last few years.  These are ones I have check out multiple times over those years but never had time to read.  But they were well worth the wait!  Here are some titles I have been enjoying over the last week.

All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn is a great, chilling ghost story.  Travis and Corey are spending the summer at their grandmother’s inn when they awaken the mischievous ghosts that have been sleeping for years.  Now they must discover the secrets surrounding the ghosts in order to bring peace back to the inn and the ghosts themselves.  All the Lovely Bad Ones just recently won the 2010 Rebecca Caudill award as well!

The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau tells the tale of Lina and Doon who must unravel a secret lost years ago in order to bring light and life back to their decaying city.  I cannot wait to read the next in the series!

In Gregor the Overlander, by Suzanne Collins, Gregor and his baby sister fall through the air vent in the laundry room of their New York City apartment building and end up in Underland.  There, Gregor must help fulfill an ancient prophecy in a war with humans, crawlers (roaches), spinners (spiders), and gnawers (rats) to restore peace and rescue his father who went missing two years before.  An exciting adventure, I again cannot wait to continue the series.