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Staff Favorites

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Here’s the fourth installment of staff favorites for the Children’s Department.  Enjoy!

Click on the titles to find these books in the Wheaton Public Library collection.

   Where the Red Fern Grows

   Cat and Fish

  Koala Lou

  Cowboy & Octopus

  Magnus at the Fire

  The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Spring Storytime

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Registration for the Spring Storytime Session, which runs from March 8th through April 23rd, begins on Wednesday, March 3rd.  Come in or call in, beginning March 3rd, to register and attend.

For additional information on the storytime program, click here.

Famous First Lines

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Can you guess what children’s book this first line comes from?  Give it a try!

“Mrs. Rachel Lynde lived just where the Avonlea main road dipped down into a little hollow, fringed with alders and ladies’ eardrops and traversed by a brook that had its source away back in the woods of the old Cuthbert place; it was reputed to be an intricate, headlong brook in its earlier course through those woods, with dark secrets of pool and cascade; but by the time it reached Lynde’s Hollow it was a quiet well-conducted little stream, but not even a brook could run past Mrs. Rachel Lynde’s door without due regard for decency and decorum; it probably was conscious that Mrs. Rachel was sitting at her window, keeping a sharp eye on everything that passed, from brooks and children up, and that if she noticed anything odd or out of place she would never rest until she had ferreted out the whys and wherefores thereof.”

Did you guess?  Check here for the answer.

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809. 

Find out more about his life by reading one of the many biographies we have here at the WPL.  For all of our books and movies on Lincoln, by subject, click here.

Find out what was happening in the United States when Lincoln was president by visiting our Civil War history collection.

Here’s a great website that has information on all of the Presidents of the United States.  Just click on Abraham Lincoln’s name or any other president you are interested in.

Movie Reminder

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

We still have lots of free tickets available for the movie we will be showing on President’s Day, February 15th.  Stop by the Children’s Department desk to pick some up today!

    Monday, February 15 at 1:00 p.m.
As her alter ego’s popularity begins to take over her life, Miley Stewart, on the urging from her father takes a trip to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee to get some perspective on what matters in life the most.
 (102 minutes; rated G)

Free tickets available at the Children’s Department desk.

Suitable for grades 1 and up

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Wednesday, February 10th: Snapshot Day

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Wheaton Public Library is joining libraries across the state in participating in “Snapshot: One Day in the Life of Illinois Libraries” on Wednesday, February 10 to show how important academic, public, school, special libraries, and library systems are to the state of Illinois.

On February 10, WPL will compile statistics, customer comments, photographs, and other data chronicling a typical library day.  The results collected will be added to those of other libraries across Illinois to show how libraries provide invaluable services to Illinois citizens.

We really hope our loyal patrons will stop by.  Libraries are more important than ever to our communities.  We want all the citizens of Illinois, and particularly our Illinois lawmakers, to see what a typical day is like for an Illinois library.  Lawmakers have reduced state funding that is vital to help libraries like ours maintain current programs and services, much less provide new programs and services, purchase new materials, and support the delivery of materials from other libraries.

In addition to facing state cuts, WPL is facing budget cuts from the City of Wheaton.  When you stop in, please pick up our brochure, State of the Wheaton Public Library to get a more accurate view of how dramatically the library’s funding has decreased.

Your voice counts!  Please stop by on February 10 and share your opinions.  Also, if you fill out our Snapshot Survey on February 10, you’ll receive a coupon for one free DVD rental!  Thank you for your help!

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Movies at the Library

Friday, February 5th, 2010


Friday, February 26 at 1:00 p.m.  

When a young girl is doused with an alien liquid, she turns into a 48 foot monster in this animated comedy. She joins forces with a ragtag group of monsters who are asked to save the world from the evil alien Gallaxhar.   

94 minutes; rated PG  

Ages: Grade 1 to Adult   

 Free tickets are available at the Children’s Department desk.  

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Big Wolf & Little Wolf: The Little Leaf that Wouldn’t Fall

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

I have fallen in love (no pun intended) with Big Wolf & Little Wolf: The Little Leaf that Wouldn’t Fall!  It is a tale of friendship, patience, and beauty. Little Wolf must wait season after season for a leaf that hangs on a tree branch to fall.  When winter comes and the leaf still remains in the tree, Big Wolf climbs up to retrieve it for his friend.  As he reaches for it, the fragile leaf breaks apart and falls down onto Little Wolf.  Instead of disappointment, Little Wolf’s reaction is one of wonder. 

Nadine Brun-Cosme’s Big Wolf & Little Wolf was just named a Batchelder Award Honor book.  Learn more about the Batchelder Award here.

February Birthdays for Children’s Authors and Illustrators

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Here is a list of authors and illustrators who have their birthdays this month.  Check out some of their books to celebrate!

February 1: Langston Hughes, Jerry Spinelli

February 2: Eve Rice, Judith Viorst

February 4: Russell Hoban

February 7: Charles Dickens, Laura Ingalls Wilder

February 8: Anne Rockwell, Jules Verne

February 10: Stephen Gammell, E. L. Konigsburg

February 11: Jane Yolen

February 12: Judy Blume, Chris Conover

February 13: Eleanor Farjeon

February 14: Paul O. Zelinsky

February 16: Nancy Ekholm Burkert

February 17: Robert Newton Peck

February 22: Edward Gorey

February 24: Wilhelm Grimm

February 25: Cynthia Voigt

February 26: Sharon Bell Mathis

February 27: Uri Shulevitz